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ITALIA, San Benedetto del Tronto Vedi Mappa

Castello di Gradara, La storia di Paolo e Francesca


A s the guide discussed it was a mix between truth and Dante’s creativity. The event actually took place, in the XIII century, with the disappearance of the King’s brother and wife, but no one knows for sure what really happened.

Along came Dante to fill in the blanks in the V Canto of his Inferno and the story of Paolo and Francesca became the legend.


The castle is amazing and I recommend the tour (10 Euros /person) or buy a guide book and pay for admittance at (2 Euros guidebook and 6 Euros for entry).

Gradara, Gloria e Romina

Either way it’s a must see castle, only about 90 minutes from B&B La Torretta Bianca, along the highway A14. We stopped at a café for lunch afterwards for a plate of pasta and to relax and enjoy the main street up to the castle. Below are a few photos to see without spoiling it…

Apertura B&B

Offerta speciale! Pernotta in coppia fino al 18 luglio in camera o appartamento per una settimana a 400 euro o 500 euro con tutta la famiglia!