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Citta´ preferita nelle Marche, Ascoli Piceno

Arco Romano in Ascoli Piceno

I have a few data for those people who want to investigate le Marche region. It is an amazing region with over:

  • 180 Km
  • 246
  • 200
  • 234
  • 500
  • 32
  • 163
  • 70
  • of Coast Line
  • Towns
  • Romanic Churches
  • Museums
  • Historical Squares
  • Archeological sites
  • Sanctuaries
  • Historical Theatres

Just one of my favorite places to visit is a medieval city called Ascoli Piceno, well persevered and made completely from travertino stone, (local stone) it sits upon cliffs well above the river below, keeping it safe and well preserved over time.

It’s amazing medieval towers, breathtaking squares (piazza), outdoor roman theatre, but my favorite sight is the only single arch roman bridge left in Europe, that you can still walk through and tour to marvel at its construction (see photo #1).

The city is known also for its local specialty called; “Olive Ascolane” meaning Olives from Ascoli. Which is a large green olive filled with meat or fish, lightly battered and fried in olive oil.

One can not visit Ascoli Piceno without going to “piazza del Popolo”, (see photo #2) one of its main squares, and going into Cafe’ Meletti, one of the oldest cafe in Italy, founded in 1907, to sit down and have an anisetta (liquor with coffee bean) thrown in for taste and watch the people walk by.(see photo #3)

It is a town that can be seen in a half or full day depending on your pace.

Caffe Meletti Ascoli Piceno
Piazza del Popolo Ascoli Piceno