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Gradara Castle, Paolo and Francesca story


As the guide discussed it was a mix between truth and Dante’s creativity. The event actually took place, in the XIII century, with the disappearance of the King’s brother and wife, but no one knows for sure what really happened.

Along came Dante to fill in the blanks in the V Canto of his Inferno and the story of Paolo and Francesca became the legend.

Does It Snow in Paradise?

country villa

T he answer to that questions is Yes! Today, 18th February, 2009, we received about 8-10 cm of snow, roughly 4 inches. A far cry from the winters and snow fall back in Michigan, in the US, where 2 feet was about normal, this time of the year.

The best time to come to Italy and visit the Marche!

panorama marche

If you are like me you prefer not to go on holiday or vacation when the rest of the world is going, and that means August in Italy.
If you don’t mind standing in line, taking mass transportation shoulder to shoulder and having to camp out to get your 1 meter by 2 meters of sand at the beach, then by all means avoid coming to Italy in August.

B&Bs in Italy, Come in Many Flavors

Bed and Breakfasts seem to be all the rage these days, but they also have become an umbrella for all kinds of room rentals. What do I mean by that?

A B&B in Italy can be as simple as a spare room in someone’s apartment or house, where you may even share their personal bathroom. It also can be separate rooms, where the proprietor doesn’t even live on-site. You pick-up the key, pay ahead of time, leave the key in the room and eat your breakfast from plastic wrapped food stuffs. I have even seen Bed and Breakfasts who don’t even offer breakfast…. So you need to ask yourself, what am I looking for in a B&B in particular?

I think travellers in Italy are looking for service, advice and experience in a B&B.

Favorite city in the Marche, Ascoli Piceno

Arco Romano in Ascoli Piceno

I have a few data for those people who want to investigate le Marche region. It is an amazing region with over:

  • 180 Km
  • 246
  • 200
  • 234
  • 500
  • 32
  • 163
  • 70
  • of Coast Line
  • Towns
  • Romanic Churches
  • Museums
  • Historical Squares
  • Archeological sites
  • Sanctuaries
  • Historical Theatres

Fortress of San Leo, the prison of Cagliostro

Fortezza di San Leo

W e arrived to San Leo, in the ancient county of Montefeltro, 30 km from Rimini and 16 km from the Republic of San Marino, along the only access road, cut out of the rock.

In ancient times, there were two draw-bridges closing the entrance at night or in moment of danger, but they were destroyed by the constant rock slides.

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