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Il miglior periodo per venire in Italia e visitare le Marche!

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If you are like me you prefer not to go on holiday or vacation when the rest of the world is going, and that means August in Italy.
If you don’t mind standing in line, taking mass transportation shoulder to shoulder and having to camp out to get your 1 meter by 2 meters of sand at the beach, then by all means avoid coming to Italy in August.

Having been in Italy for over 5 years, here are a few of my recommendations of the season to come over pending your type of holiday.

Sun & Fun – (Late June, All July & Early September)
The best time to come and avoid the crowds, but have good beach weather would be late June, all of July and early September. Now as your know I can’t control the weather, but I have been on the beach during all these times above. And you avoid the major bulk of the crowds, so you can enjoy the beach with the locals. Get into restaurants, night clubs and shopping centers without being mobbed with the other tourists.

Adventures (Late May, June, July, September, Early October)
What I mean by adventurous is hiking in the Sibillini mountains or mountain biking from coast to coast (San Benedetto del Tronto to Rome). Or kite surfing on San Benedetto’s beach or hang gliding in Castelluccio, an ancient volcano that fills in with amazing flowers till your eyes can see during may-june.

Shopping (All Year Round, Except August)
Some great shopping exists in Italy, away from the big cities, out in the province with the open air markets and outlets in the area where all the big brands of leather, shoes and bags are produced (Prada, Geox, Nerogiardini, Docksteps, Tod’s to name a few).

Remember the seasonal costs in Italy. Tourism is their 2nd largest industry and some towns thrive only because of it. Prices for everything vary pending the time of year you visit. Here is a helpful guide the tourist offices don’t provide:

Jan-Mar Low Season
Apr-Jun Mid Season (0 – 20% higher)
Jul-Aug High Season (25%-50% higher)
Sept-Oct Mid Season (0-20% higher)
Nov-Dec Low Season

Pricing will reflect this scale in most cases, but remember the further south you go the cheaper it gets…say from Tuscany to Puglia.